Choosing a Quality Invisible Dog Fence

Written by cheyingtan on November 5, 2020 in with no comments.

There are many invisible dog fences on the market these days, and it is unfortunate that a lot of cheap, poorly made fence systems are now turning up in the marketplace.  These inferior systems apart from being poorly made, can actually be dangerous to your dog if the collars start going off in areas of the yard they are not meant to.  This can also cause considerable mental stress to your dog as well.  So what are the things you should consider before purchasing an invisible dog fence that is going to keep your dog safe?

Quality Transmitter

The transmitter is the heart of any dog fence system and creates the radio signal that is pushed out over the wire.  It is very important that this radio signal is strong enough to cater for the distance around your property and that it can operate on variable thicknesses of wire.  A cheap invisible dog fence will also be far more prone to interference from external sources that create radio signals, like garage door openers.

The best systems in the world can cater for large properties over 100 acres if required.  Top of the line systems will operate carrying an FM radio signal as opposed to AM.  An FM signal is far less prone to interference.

Heavy Duty Wire

It is important that your system has wire adequate to carry the radio signal and not be easy to break out on the field.  The wire can be buried or attached to an existing fence.  The minimum gauge wire we recommend is 20 gauge.  This is adequate for most applications.  Thicker wire to 16 gauge is recommended for larger applications over 40 acres.  A strong thick coating will also assist in protecting the wire from breakages and from sun damage.  If you are in hot sunny areas we do recommend wire that has a UV strong protection rating and is guaranteed for at least ten years.

Of the inferior systems out there many are sold with very thin blue wire that can be snapped in your hands like a piece of cotton.  In this instance you will be constantly fixing breaks in the wire.  Like the systems themselves, the wire in these cheap invisible dog fence systems is just as inferior.

Quality Correction Collars

The collar administers the warning and subsequent correction to your dog.  A good quality collar will have a variety of correction levels to suit all types of dog temperaments.  A long battery life and being fully waterproof are other things that indicate quality.

With many cheap invisible dog fence systems, the collars have large jumps in correction levels and low numbers of correction.  Invariably they fall apart after only a few months or stop working completely.

An invisible dog fence is a very important investment and you should never risk a cheap system which will let you down over time.  Many manufacturers of better systems will offer three year warranties and have a service technician you can call.  Only ever buy a electric dog fence system from a dealer with a technician you can speak to.