5 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Green Home Decorating

Many homeowners are interested in green living these days and want to have an environmentally conscious home as much as possible. Things like alternative energy and efficient appliances are a must, but the home decorating scheme can also reflect and support an eco-friendly outlook on life. Consider the following 5 ideas for green home décor.

1- Choose Natural and Sustainable Products

Things like mahogany wood and coral are natural products, but they are not sustainable and cannot be replaced easily once harvested. In fact, coral is illegal to harvest in many places around the globe because of the destruction done to reefs.

Other natural products like bamboo, hemp and organic cotton and wool are useful for a wide variety of home furniture pieces and decorator accents but are absolutely renewable.

2- Avoid Chemical Treatments, Paints and Dyes

Be careful about buying chemically treated or colored décor for your home. Not only do these products require non-earth-friendly manufacturing processes, they can actually release noxious fumes into your home. Check for products with more eco-friendly paints such as milk or clay-based options or ones listed as Low-VOC. For fabrics, skip the stain resistance chemicals and synthetic dyes and go with vegetable based color.

3- Use Recycled and Reclaimed Materials and Items

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but when you reuse items that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill, the Earth is the one that truly wins. A table or bookshelves can be fashioned easily from used wood torn out of an old home or from a broken piece of furniture.

Shop thrift stores, yard sales and second-hand consignment shops for home décor items. You can find everything from picture frames to throw rugs to art statues.

4- Buy Fair Trade Decorations for Your Home

Support global initiatives while protecting the environment when you purchase locally made handicrafts from people in far off nations. Not only will these things be made from natural materials without chemical or big-factory processing, they also provide jobs for the disadvantaged.

5- Less is More in Eco-Friendly Home Decorating

There is no need to go for stark minimalism if that is not your style, but accumulating more décor items than you really need for an attractive home is not environmentally friendly. Everyone wants a good-looking house to invite family and friends to and one they feel comfortable and complete in, but there is no need to go overboard with multiple collections of knickknacks, soft furnishings and occasional furniture pieces that line every wall.

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