Create Comfort Zones in an Open Concept Living Room

Homeowners love open concept floor plans these days, but some may struggle to decorate them in the most comfortable way. If you have a large, open space living room but want to create a cozy and comfortable feeling, consider creating separate comfort zones so everyone in the family can find their perfect spot.

Why Split Up a Living Room Into Comfort Zones?

A large, open living room requires large pieces of furniture or enough of them to look like a home and not a roller rink or museum. Decorating such a space can be a challenge, especially if you are used to a “couch across from TV with a coffee table in the middle” design style.

Comfort zones give you more options because you are splitting the room into two or more seating areas that are specifically designed for a particular purpose. This allows you to create a cohesive decorating scheme that invites family and friends from one area to the next, but also allows for more unique design choices.

Decorating Multiple Comfort Zones in an Open Living Room

Unless you have a dedicated theater or media room elsewhere in the house, the living room often becomes the place to kick back and watch some TV or play a video game at the end of the day. Dedicate one end of the living room to the media center.

Use comfortable couches and seating, handy end tables to hold drinks and a large entertainment center cabinet so the electronic equipment can get tucked away when not in use. After all, in an open concept, all parts of the room will be visible and no one wants to see a tangle of wires and stacks of media cases.

What else does your family do in the living room? Perhaps a cozy reading nook could be tucked in the other corner complete with plenty of bookshelves and comfortable chairs. Other families might prefer a workstation or in-home office setup with desks and plenty of lighting and art inspiration on the walls.

No matter what comfort zones you and your family need in the open floor plan living room, decorating them should be fun. Since the idea is to make separate but matching areas, pick a couple main colors each zone will share, stick with one style of furniture, but also introduce unique accents to each.

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