The Best Ideas and Solutions for Small Spaces

Ideas and Solutions for Small Spaces

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The calendar is at summer at last and most housewives are trying to prepare our homes for the new season.

  • But what if the space is limited?
  • And needs are too many?
  • And things will multiply exponentially?

I live in a house which in my opinion is small, or, to put it another way-our stuff is too much. If we add to this the fact that while furnishing the house one had midnight black with the words “practicality”‘, “warehouses”,” personal space” and also did the mistake of putting the authority with all furniture and even bought from expensive shops, it is understood that the potential for drastic changes and even in times of economic crisis is simply nonexistent.

For these reasons, I am constantly seeking solutions easy – mainly economic and practices in order to fix it as best my space. I am not an interior designer, or being independent expert on the subject. I write solely from my experience and my life in an apartment which is a few square meters.

I live with my family in a small apartment. Therefore this should be so equipped with everything that a family need for immediate departure and arrival.

In other words, no I do not need both the large mirror placement to give depth to the space because it was small, however: hangers for coats-hats-scarf, hooks for bags, shelves for keys and mobile , umbrella stand, a small mirror for one last checkup and everything else a family needs. So leaving collar coat, keys, cellphone, bag, umbrella, if necessary, cast a quick glance in the mirror. In contrast, the return after a busy day puts them all in place and I’m already ready for the next time I leave the house.

In the category of storage and personal spaces are the habits and hobbies of members of the family. Usually, especially when talking about houses with little square, squeezing our own needs for a larger living world that will accept or a larger dining area. Our house but it is our shelter, and those who will spend most of his life s in there we are. If we are not willing to renounce our hobbies and habits of our good will be to predict and some appropriate place for them.

Again a personal, what relaxes me and I liked from when I can remember I was reading. Talk about crazy bookworm. Until you come small in our life the child had an office that housed the computer and books and of course the warehouse facilities, the rough-dry and everything was not accommodated elsewhere. It is obvious that just before the talimpanoula all had to migrate to the prepare a fabulous room.

So without provisions and make room my books Shedding: some freely given to libraries and others, the most favorite, is out in the cold in a closet on the balcony to see what you will do. Of course to be honest with the weather got over reading (a point not to read subtitles or film) and my heart won construction. Now they are dark things! to find space for so ribbons, markers, scissors, glue, cardboard etc. And these out of the house I have!
My big dream then is a space mine, my condemnation!

And if your space is so limited that it does not fit anything you need while bed and desk in the same place, and again there is a solution!

Try to take advantage of all places having driven primarily practicality and aesthetics and then do not be afraid to experiment with throughout placing shelves, hangers, hooks and other paraphernalia that will solve their hands!

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